Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Sucker for climb/flow/descend repeat

Saturday feeling good and looking to pedal plenty. Time was mostly on my side and lots of ride under darkness and cool of the morning was great! Love love loving summer being gone! Again lots of strength and lots of miles

Slice o dope

Ok now for the Belltowns brake test. Bounced around for a climby 22 miles, its never enough and these legs are pumping out powaaaaaa. Brakes were great and as always even if I only had deore I would be fine, but tired of burning thru those deore brake pads.

Veterans day ride

Thursday is ride day and happens to be the same day I honor our veterans. It was a nice dark start, expecting it to be cooler an far from cold it's kind of nice to not actually be col yet, but with that comes lots of sweat and cooling off on the donwhills. I got a good dose of 20 miles and most of it quiet. Happy Veterans day, your service for our country is not forgotten in this family. Looks like my handywork is working order, despited some brake drag the brakes are great!

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Family ride

Now that Landon has a new bike we decided to go explore the veterans park near the house, I have never been to this area and we really enjoyed it, alot quieter than Riparian and just as good. Mom had a hard time keeping up with me and the boy, it is so great to be out in the cooler weather an enjoying time with family.

Dirty Dirt

I knew 37 was easy so I kind of had in my head to do 40 miles. With time and energy it was a warm morning but I throughly enjoyed every minute of the ride, trails linked up real nice! I still want to go up and do Prescott 60 miles but the woman in being difficult.

Happy Trails

The day after the crash, sore but willing and desperate to ride, it all went peachy, until I washed out my front wheel and I hit my palm and other arm and drew som blood. I continued on since it wasn't a big deal but two in a row I was a little worried now. Great ride!!!!!!

Shredded "crash"

I went out for my classic Thursday loops and on my way down I clipped a palo verde with my bar and went down hard on a pile of rocks. I lay there is shock at how quickly I was thrown to the ground, I thought for sure I broke something as I felt immediate sharp pain all along my side, I stumbled upright and the pain was bad, my shoulder, ribs, elbow, leg. The worst of it was the ribs, I rode down and evem extended my ride in pain and blood. I was worried about my spleen cause the side of my ribs felt terrible and I couldn't take jumping movements. Went home and rested and it hurt but not too bad. I guess that was my one crash a year is done and over with since this year has been crashless and it seems every fall I get banged up.

Nice morning for a long tall ride

My dirt cravings are gettng out of hand, I am finding myself with more leg and desire to push miles and elevation. When the miles are this good who would want to stop!? I hit 30 and was like I am not done, then i said ok 35 then I said I am 37 and didn't ride my age this year like I wanted to, so I did :) and guess what, I wanted MORE!!!!! Pumped out almost 5k of elevation!

Belltown Bliss

Back on the Bellotown, latey I think I lie it more than my salsa! It was a Hawes classic of 20 miles and 3k climbing :) Yay for the weekend!

More of that please

Big ol Hawes loopy, clear skies and no sign of winter but the riding is good!