Sunday, November 14, 2021

Shredded "crash"

I went out for my classic Thursday loops and on my way down I clipped a palo verde with my bar and went down hard on a pile of rocks. I lay there is shock at how quickly I was thrown to the ground, I thought for sure I broke something as I felt immediate sharp pain all along my side, I stumbled upright and the pain was bad, my shoulder, ribs, elbow, leg. The worst of it was the ribs, I rode down and evem extended my ride in pain and blood. I was worried about my spleen cause the side of my ribs felt terrible and I couldn't take jumping movements. Went home and rested and it hurt but not too bad. I guess that was my one crash a year is done and over with since this year has been crashless and it seems every fall I get banged up.

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