Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Mondays ride

Normal Monday, nothing too wild, just a nice ride, found myself missing and thinking about the woods on this ride. I miss my CT trails, I miss the high mountains of Utah. I should count my blessings and the desert ain't all bad but I do miss shade, greenery, and brown dirt.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Ride N Dine

Headed for San Tan for a hour spin, decided I wanted to get a burrito after the ride before the kiddo cam home. Legs were useless as I pedaled up the hill, they worked but felt soul less. I never done and hour ride so I figured it out and made it a perfect 10 miles in under a hour and happily finished my ride week and a good burrito.

That Rock Had it Coming

Speedily headed out on a Thursday ride, as normal when the kiddo is at school I ride Hawes. It was a cooler week here in Phoenix which is extremely welcomed, still sweating plenty but definitely cooler. I was rilling through the toughest piece of trail and washed the front wheel out and slowly tripped myself hopping off the bike sending elbow and arm into a rock and skimming the knee. I hit the rock in slow motion but it was hard enough or me to look at it and say is it broken? It took a good 5 seconds to suck up the pain and I struggled to get on my feet. I had a good amount of blood coming from my knee and I washed it off with the water on my back and I was on my way. The rest of the ride was with a busy mind but I got my 15 miles and was happily headed home

Friday, August 26, 2016

Chug A Lug

The house has been a little chaotic lately, me and the boy are with each other many many hours a day, and lately it's been a struggle for me really. I had an especially large amount of pent up energy I needed to get out and after the storms cleared out I was able to wiggle 90 minutes of ride into the night. I was at Usery again for a number of reasons, but anywhere would do. I had a bit of light and quite the backdrop as the sun went down fast.The light went on and I had it in it's lowest setting, when I turned it up when it got completely dark I bumped it up to it's full setting of a claimed 2500 lumen. It lit up the night! extra critter hunting light was welcomed. Luckily no snakes were found, but plenty of huge spiders.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Monday and new tires!

Enjoyed a nice afternoon out at Usery, the weather has finally brought some minor relief and excited for the weather to cool in the months and days to come. I finally replaced the tires after getting a good 600 miles out of the Ardents, it feels like they wore quick in the last 3 months but theres plenty of places I have worn them out. I went with a 2.35 Maxis Ikon 3 compound Exo for the front, a bit narrower than I wanted but after hunting around for a new model to play with this is what I ended up with. For the back I went with a 2.2 Maxis Ardent race 3 compound Exo, this is a trimmed down Ardent lacking big old side lugs. I can't say Userey really puts a set of tires to much use but initial impressions are just fine.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hangover Trail, Sedonas most challenging trail

So we were off for the 2nd ride, we had Sedonas hardest trail Hangover. I researched it's bits and was pretty excited to sample it. With 13 miles under my legs I must say they felt not very impressive, but we were chugging up the Schnebly road at a good clip. Chris covering distance ahead of me but I refused to push, this was about enjoyment. It was not long before those 3 miles were on a trail called cow pies. It transitioned from baby heads to wide open rock. I noticed as much as Sedona looks like moans sandpaper slick rock, it's not. Moments from the first ride quickly let me know when I would loose traction from time to time. The chug up to the saddle was rough, a seriously punchy raw climb, but with absolutely stunning views. By the time we reached the top I was ready to speed down. So we dropped in and found very little speed to be had, with little elevation change and tiny climbs up and down. The trial was absolutely narrow at times, offering views down the steep cliffside, it had a feeling like no other trail has given, absolutely hugging the mountainside. It went on for a bit and then we wrapped around the mountain and went down a series of steep steep rock. The steepest I have rolled down, The YT Capra was absolute beast, i never felt over or under bikes it chugged right down every line. From there it was a good roll down a few mellow switchbacks and a ride down Munds Wagon. I was pretty happy to be coming away with a clean ride on a rough popular trail. It turned out I had planned for Hi Line that day but Chris was spent and I was ok with that since there will be a few more trips up to Sedona in the years to come :)

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Sedona 1st!!!!

Off to Sedona! So happy this quick trip came into play, I got lucky and my inlays came to town and I zipped out thursday about 4:20pm and sat forever in traffic trying to get out of Phoenix. But after 5:30 we were cruising up to the higher elevations and for a good time. We went searching for a campspot and had a banger spot in mind. We rolled down the dirt road looking for a site, one after another were full, oil we found a spot! Very very lucky to be right on Oak Creek, lush forested site and was already thinking of how short lived it's stay would be. We got into town to supply and then right back to enjoy a good full moon and camp fire vibes. Morning came early, I woke at 5:30 after little sleep and eager spirit. We hit the trailhead and were pedaling by 7:20. It was amazing to be in new surroundings, completely unfamiliar trails in one of North Americas greatest riding spots. We decided to ride the West Sedona Tour, a 13 mile loop accompanying a good mix of trails. First trail was actually my favorite, Mescal skirted a big old rock, lots of off chamber with some technical but mostly amazingly scenic. Then we rolled along a forested area termed with red sand, pure eye candy. The rest was cake, some up and some down and tons of awesome!

Spinning before Sedona!

Got a little trip planned with my homie Chris for some biking in Sedona. With the kiddo in school on Thursday I ran out for my normal 90 minute ride. It was a good go with nothing fancy. We were to head out that evening for a fun trip.

Friday, August 19, 2016

San Tan

I was off Monday night headed for San Tan, love getting Monday rides. I had my light finally back in my hands, Serfs got it to me and it's working and loving the 2500 lumens to hunt down snakes. Rolled around the trails enjoyably for a chill ride.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Pass Shred

I was off Saturday morning for a ride with a friend, I told him this was my favorite trail and was looking forward to him making it out there. We spun a fast crank on the easy trails and then headed in making our way up to the pass. It was a humid hot day, sweat was pouring out of my pores like never before, I was leading and chasing on and off, he definitely had better legs than me and I struggled on the smooth climbs. We dropped into the Pass and Chris cleared all the features, good to be riding with someone capable and willing for sure! Finished another Pass Mountain with tires in tact, keeps me happy. Flagstaff next week! I wiggled out enough time for one ride on Friday, can't wait.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Brain Mapping Pass Mountain

Back to Pass Mountain area for a daylight ride, another super duper hot ride. So much going on is my head when I ride here, trying to link the trails together cleanly without too much overlap. Keeps me on my toes and fresh since this is a somewhat unexciting place to ride. Pretty uneventful, found one more trail that I have never rode. Got this place just about mapped out entirely in my head.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Hawt Hawes

Preschool ride on Thursday, It was humid as heck out, but reluctantly went out still for the abuse. I feel completely fine riding in such heat, the sweat is the biggest annoyance as it pours into my eyes. I made this one just an hour long and headed for a burrito.