Thursday, August 25, 2016

Monday and new tires!

Enjoyed a nice afternoon out at Usery, the weather has finally brought some minor relief and excited for the weather to cool in the months and days to come. I finally replaced the tires after getting a good 600 miles out of the Ardents, it feels like they wore quick in the last 3 months but theres plenty of places I have worn them out. I went with a 2.35 Maxis Ikon 3 compound Exo for the front, a bit narrower than I wanted but after hunting around for a new model to play with this is what I ended up with. For the back I went with a 2.2 Maxis Ardent race 3 compound Exo, this is a trimmed down Ardent lacking big old side lugs. I can't say Userey really puts a set of tires to much use but initial impressions are just fine.

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