Thursday, August 4, 2016


The kiddo and I went out Monday morning to the bike park with overcast skies and hoped for a refreshingly cooler Phoenix morning. The event went ok as we arrived he played plenty on foot around the obstacle track, I got him on the bike and could tell he wasn't feeling it and after a spill he certainly wanted nothing to do with the bike. Sure haven't made much progress on his bike passion but I am not pushing it on him what so ever. After he went off to school on Monday and off papa went with his bicycle. I headed for Usery with its proximity and easy miles. With a fresh week on hand I was stoked to be out on a nice afternoon. Not the normal heat here in Phoenix but plenty of humidity in the air as monsoons are rolling in every day. Linked a lot of trails at Usery this day, plenty of ways to mix up a ride!

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