Monday, August 29, 2016

That Rock Had it Coming

Speedily headed out on a Thursday ride, as normal when the kiddo is at school I ride Hawes. It was a cooler week here in Phoenix which is extremely welcomed, still sweating plenty but definitely cooler. I was rilling through the toughest piece of trail and washed the front wheel out and slowly tripped myself hopping off the bike sending elbow and arm into a rock and skimming the knee. I hit the rock in slow motion but it was hard enough or me to look at it and say is it broken? It took a good 5 seconds to suck up the pain and I struggled to get on my feet. I had a good amount of blood coming from my knee and I washed it off with the water on my back and I was on my way. The rest of the ride was with a busy mind but I got my 15 miles and was happily headed home

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