Saturday, August 20, 2016

Sedona 1st!!!!

Off to Sedona! So happy this quick trip came into play, I got lucky and my inlays came to town and I zipped out thursday about 4:20pm and sat forever in traffic trying to get out of Phoenix. But after 5:30 we were cruising up to the higher elevations and for a good time. We went searching for a campspot and had a banger spot in mind. We rolled down the dirt road looking for a site, one after another were full, oil we found a spot! Very very lucky to be right on Oak Creek, lush forested site and was already thinking of how short lived it's stay would be. We got into town to supply and then right back to enjoy a good full moon and camp fire vibes. Morning came early, I woke at 5:30 after little sleep and eager spirit. We hit the trailhead and were pedaling by 7:20. It was amazing to be in new surroundings, completely unfamiliar trails in one of North Americas greatest riding spots. We decided to ride the West Sedona Tour, a 13 mile loop accompanying a good mix of trails. First trail was actually my favorite, Mescal skirted a big old rock, lots of off chamber with some technical but mostly amazingly scenic. Then we rolled along a forested area termed with red sand, pure eye candy. The rest was cake, some up and some down and tons of awesome!

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