Saturday, August 13, 2016

Stormy snakes

Tuesday night I found a busy wife and a asleep kiddo so off i went into the night with my new ITUO WIZ 1 headlamp. I have been going thru issues with my Serfas and really needed a decent backup so I picked up this thing on amazon for 40% off at only 60$ Amazing what you can get for your money these days, it had great review on mtbr which was insurance enough for me on this 800 lumen light. It carries replaceable batteries which are a bonus and since it will be my backup to my 2500 lumen light it's still plenty of power. Very impressed with the function and beam on this new 800 lumen. So I was off into the evening knowingly with storms nearby, I kept a sharp eye on the radar and had an escape plan. I made my way around Cat peak and head for Moon. While climbing NOSO I saw something odd, sure enough a little rattler lie 5 feet in front of me. Playing dead for whatever reason, snapped a pic and nervously went about the rest of my ride. It was very humid out, flashes arose from the south and radar showed a fierce storm rolling into the valley. Still 30 miles away I should be able to wiggle out an hour ride. Just 5 minutes after the first snake, I come across another one, this one a little more pissed, a picture and I was on my way. Now I rode very nervously since this was a snake filled evening already 20 minutes into it. The flashes got closer and I nervously made the turn for the car. I was getting pretty nervous as I sped for the car. I got close to the car and felt a little more comfy so I went a little out on a trail and then decided to head back and trail I was just on a minute ago now had yet another rattler standing off with me on the trail. A picture and he was happily on his way. That set the record now with 3 snakes on one bike ride. Hope it doesn't go any further than that.

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