Saturday, July 29, 2017

Rides with my boy

The last week I got my boy back on his bike, he has been off it awhile since I have not been eager to deal with the heat of riding. That being an excuse I talked to him and said we should go ride. Low and behold we have gone now 8 days out of the last 10. He has really gotten the hang of riding now, Stopping and going all on his own, using the brakes properly. Ofcourse there were some learning curves and some wipe outs but he's got it! So fun and awesome, we brave the early morning heat and terribleness but it still pays off and a good start to the morning. He loves it and I like doing it with him.

San Tan Inferno

I questioned my sanity as I sat at the bus stop with me boy, none the less I found myself armed with a bike and headed for a ride. I got to San Tan for an hour of riding and found the lot completely vacant, which is quite abnormal. Happy to have the place to myself I soon was beat down by the heat but not defeated, it was hot out there and the sun was doing it's thing. I found my mind wandering into other places and a lack of interest in the ride, not somewhere I want my head to be but the excercising goal was being met. The ride finished and I was very very eager to wash up and get in the AC

Friday, July 28, 2017

Micey Nighty

Loosing light fast, this ride started with the light on, it use to be 30-30 minutes without the light but the season is changing and I can't complain about that as I desperately seek cooler temperatures. It was another hot night and I planned for an hour, again no one out there, wouldn't mind some company for sure, maybe I will post up to see if anyone wants to ride, but it's so easy to just ride yourself. Lots and lots of desert mice running around out there, almost ran over 20 of them, hopefully I didn't. Interesting snake I stumbled upon, not sure I have seen this one before. Glad no rattlers were found.

Chunky Monkey

So me and Ryan headed out for some Gold Canyon action. After failing last week we went to have another go at a ride, he had never been to Gold Canyon and I figured it'd be great. We got rolling by 3pm and it was HOT. Cloudy and beautiful by the mountain but HOT! The trails were a complete mess from the rainfall, ruts, loose rocks, sketchy washes. It was wearing down on Ryan especially since I kind of misread his bike skills and jumped the gun on this ride. It was slow going over the place and I was shocked how abused the trails got. We did make it out alive and he had a few scratches and hopefully he will want to ride with me again.

Shifting Mountains

After some wild weather the last week I went out on a humid overcast ride at Usery. All was well when I hit the trail, rode thru some puddles that aren't bad since they never contain mud. It was miserable out there but I kept on anyway. I came to the canal and it was crazy, it was a river. Never seen anything like it but when they are dry it's pretty obvious why they are there. I turned around an had to change the ride plan so since I was kind of bored already I decided to shorten it. Nothing fancy around the place.

Critter evening

Monsoon be bringing out all the critters, good ride. Lost me pictures :(

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Thursday night storm

I got my friend in the neighborhood to come out and join me at 7:30pm. I saw some rain I was monitoring on the radar and while I made the decision not to chance it and head to South Mountain, we kind of decided to go closer to where the storm was heading. Wrong choice right there, we got on the trail and I immediately grew uncomfortable as we raced towards the darkening clouds, up until now it was a small looking bit of rain and cloud, but now it had grown in size and was continuing. Soon lightening was flashing, still in the distance but we were headed straight for it. Once we got 1.5 miles in and on the edge of the last neighborhood or escape route, I made the call to turn around. The Lightining was plenty but not much cloud to ground. Plan was to ride back a little and then ride the trail on the other side of canal to kill time. It wasn't long until a huge burst of wind and more lighting came our way and we booked it for the car. Making the parking lot was a relief and we hungout watching the radar to see if it would ease. Well it kept building and building and the lightening and winds got more intense. Then the rain cam and off we went sick of waiting. As we exited the parking lot things got nuts, torrential rain and impressive winds. All of a sudden I could see the tops of the palo verde kissing the ground and limbs snapping like twigs. It got pretty scary for about 10 seconds there, felt like we were in a tornado if I knew what it would feel like. It stormed all the way home and was a delight to hear it on the roof as I went to bed. I am learning more on how the weather works here in the valley and it has been kind of exciting and a learning experience that I have thankfully respected. Hope to continue that success.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Wednesday Gimme

Without much to do Wednesday night I headed for the trails, Hawes was in order since it's the most friendliest night ride. Felt a bit more peppy on this one, planned to do a different loop but ended up with the usual. Wish there were more night riders out there I would enjoy it a little more, I always feel borderline uncomfortable out there by myself but I do what must be done right. This one was a good hour and I was on my way home without a monsoon this time.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Tuesday Blues

Tuesday morning I had time to ride and I took off early for San Tan. We got a pretty good sized monsoon roll in the night before and with humidity at 85% and about 85F for the start it wasn't pretty. Nor was my mood any better, the trail was battered from the weather but plenty of people were partaking of the moisture filled morning. I tried to push back against wanting to head back to the car and eventually lost after 30 minutes and headed back. I can't say I am pleased about my mind lately but with continue to pedal it out as long as I am able. I think I am just tired of the desert, tired of my normal riding spots. Sorry to complain and whine, I know I got it good.

Creatures of the night

I was back to business Monday night with a ride, I got a little more light than usual as I headed westbound on desert classic. Again feeling like riding but worn from monotony I still kept pedaling. The valley has been stormy and my eye was on the radar and sky. It was pretty funky out there with tons of humidity but I got my 15 miles in, not before running into some glowing eyes, worried about a feline it turned out to be some Javalena's, then some coyotes not further down the trail and eventually a rattler, this one was easily spotted but still not looking to find the awful critters.

Strike and a miss Saturday

So Saturday morning I headed for Gold Canyon looking for some peace and solitude. I thought of all the ride spots and how busy they get nearby so I went with Gold Canyon. Arrived by 5:30am and not very ambitious but in the present. Began my pedal on the faster loop, it was mighty pretty out there as the sun rose, but plenty hot too. I made my way to the back on the trails and then made my way forward. I was beginning to really enjoy the quiet out there, then around a corner, movement, and I saw a snake and went off the trail as it struck just a few inches from my leg. I yelled out a few profanities and thanked my luck I was not bit since that was the closest I have been bit to date. I expected to be more shook up but after a picture of him I was on my way. I was not expecting a morning snake since they have always been evenings, low and behold I came across another, this one was much more pleasant. He didn't even rattle until I started to move him off the trail. I passed a group of 4 and 2 they might come my way so to avoid an issue I moved my first ever rattler off the trail.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Hawes Critters

Kind of spur of the moment Wednesday when I knew my wife was busy and decided after the boy went to bed to go out for a hour long ride. I got some new On One Composite Pedals I was stoked to try which made for a good excuse right. I have never been that impressed with the narrowish platform of the Race Face Chesters and these fit my goals. I am not a composite fan, even more so now with these new pedals, much less weight, less money and same durability so yeah I am sold. Legs were funky but moving, laziness set in shortly and I debated how far I was going to go but committed to the normal first loop and while cruising along Hawes spotted a snake, ran back to check em out and turned out to be a rattler, he was remarkably calm and frozen, took my pic and on my way. Almost to the car I noticed an awkward object on the trail, then it moved, it was a huge Toad. I guess it was a Sonoran Desert Toad, known to grow huge and for it's hallucinogenic properties. Another bland ride but a ride none the less.

San Tan Tropical

Got lucky and was out and about Tuesday morning, San Tan was the victim and after a little rain in the morning the trails were prime for riding. It was rare to see the black of my tires which are normally saturated in dust. I can't say it made the riding any better, the air was 70% humidity and the outside temp 85 so it was tropical out there but I was pedaling happily. Hoping for some sort of excitement after being off the bike for 3 weeks it was still monotonous but riding none the less. After a clammy 90 minutes I was over filled and complete. Longing for Utah :(

Back To The desert

Well after a leisure 3 weeks of fun we had to eventually make our way home. With that it took a few days to settle in and on Monday I got out on the bike. It felt ok outside as I headed for an evening ride and Hawes was the spot for the first ride of summer of 2017 in Phoenix. It was lackluster to say the least and my fitness was about where I left it and my emotional status as well. I cranked on for the normal 90 and while not wildly ecstatic I was riding again :)