Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Strike and a miss Saturday

So Saturday morning I headed for Gold Canyon looking for some peace and solitude. I thought of all the ride spots and how busy they get nearby so I went with Gold Canyon. Arrived by 5:30am and not very ambitious but in the present. Began my pedal on the faster loop, it was mighty pretty out there as the sun rose, but plenty hot too. I made my way to the back on the trails and then made my way forward. I was beginning to really enjoy the quiet out there, then around a corner, movement, and I saw a snake and went off the trail as it struck just a few inches from my leg. I yelled out a few profanities and thanked my luck I was not bit since that was the closest I have been bit to date. I expected to be more shook up but after a picture of him I was on my way. I was not expecting a morning snake since they have always been evenings, low and behold I came across another, this one was much more pleasant. He didn't even rattle until I started to move him off the trail. I passed a group of 4 and 2 they might come my way so to avoid an issue I moved my first ever rattler off the trail.

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