Thursday, July 13, 2017

Hawes Critters

Kind of spur of the moment Wednesday when I knew my wife was busy and decided after the boy went to bed to go out for a hour long ride. I got some new On One Composite Pedals I was stoked to try which made for a good excuse right. I have never been that impressed with the narrowish platform of the Race Face Chesters and these fit my goals. I am not a composite fan, even more so now with these new pedals, much less weight, less money and same durability so yeah I am sold. Legs were funky but moving, laziness set in shortly and I debated how far I was going to go but committed to the normal first loop and while cruising along Hawes spotted a snake, ran back to check em out and turned out to be a rattler, he was remarkably calm and frozen, took my pic and on my way. Almost to the car I noticed an awkward object on the trail, then it moved, it was a huge Toad. I guess it was a Sonoran Desert Toad, known to grow huge and for it's hallucinogenic properties. Another bland ride but a ride none the less.

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