Saturday, July 22, 2017

Thursday night storm

I got my friend in the neighborhood to come out and join me at 7:30pm. I saw some rain I was monitoring on the radar and while I made the decision not to chance it and head to South Mountain, we kind of decided to go closer to where the storm was heading. Wrong choice right there, we got on the trail and I immediately grew uncomfortable as we raced towards the darkening clouds, up until now it was a small looking bit of rain and cloud, but now it had grown in size and was continuing. Soon lightening was flashing, still in the distance but we were headed straight for it. Once we got 1.5 miles in and on the edge of the last neighborhood or escape route, I made the call to turn around. The Lightining was plenty but not much cloud to ground. Plan was to ride back a little and then ride the trail on the other side of canal to kill time. It wasn't long until a huge burst of wind and more lighting came our way and we booked it for the car. Making the parking lot was a relief and we hungout watching the radar to see if it would ease. Well it kept building and building and the lightening and winds got more intense. Then the rain cam and off we went sick of waiting. As we exited the parking lot things got nuts, torrential rain and impressive winds. All of a sudden I could see the tops of the palo verde kissing the ground and limbs snapping like twigs. It got pretty scary for about 10 seconds there, felt like we were in a tornado if I knew what it would feel like. It stormed all the way home and was a delight to hear it on the roof as I went to bed. I am learning more on how the weather works here in the valley and it has been kind of exciting and a learning experience that I have thankfully respected. Hope to continue that success.

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