Thursday, June 22, 2023

Brothers in the Rockhouse

So I am down to my last day, it has been a very very nice 4 days in the constitution state. This would be my last ride before my flight that evening. I was razy tired from lack of sleep but I was running on plenty to get a morning of riding. It was a very early start as usual, my brother was expected to meet me around 8am. I ran around the trails getting the hang of it all the more, explored a trail and ended up at the river, made for a really nice downhill and a nice climb on the way back, CT is beautiful, there is no denying that, I really reallyl want to move back! Some more trails and met with my brother adn headed for the other side for a brotherly ride. He was in pretty good shape and we rode a nice pace and loops for what I wish was longer. I had to say goodbye, which really sucks when I live so far away, the last 15 years have been spent away, just been the way it is. Back to the desert, missed my wife and child but that was literally it.


The next morning I was much closer to the house, this gave me plenty time to ride and learn more of the rockhouse network. Rockhouse is a smallish place with plenty to ride, some MTB purpose built, some not. I have ridden there 2 times before but now I had enough time to sort the entire plcae out this morning. After an overnight sprinkle, the soil was damp and grib massive, pure CT loam. After finally getting into new to me stuff, those few pops I felt in the driveline apparently was the chain telling me it had enough and it snapped. I stupidly did not replace my lost chain tool before coming to CT so I was stuck. I turned the bike into a kick bike and rode and kicked the last few miles out of there, luckily I had 90 minutes in before the snap so I left fulfilled.

Taste O Case

So with bright idead smiling face and on cloud 9, I hit Case, tried to make my way up form memory, didn't work out too well. I hit stuff I remember on and off, the sun popped in for a few and showed just how gloriously gree things were. Case gets alot more traffic and it shows, not a bad thing, there are so many new trails, the plan was smookey and return, but a maze of trails sent me all over the place, my memory kicking in every once in awhile. I didn't have a curfew but I certainly overran my time, I could have spent hours more ofcourse, but I was after all here to spend time with my family.

A Hale of an emotional ride!

This was the most emotional ride I have ever had! I decided despite the 75 minute ride to Hale I have been wanting to visit there a very long time. It has been 9 years since we lived next to Nathan Hale forest. A place I would ride almost daily since it was right across the street. This was a great time in my life, trails next door, cozy cottae, birth of our son. As I entered the woods it was overwhelming memories and also trying to remember the trail network. I got it mostly sorted on the original loop, the morning was gray and woods dank, it was absolutely breathtaking. Rode some new trails and mostly old ones, I think. I crossed the street for the loop and found overgrown narrow trails awaiting me, so much so I remembered extremely little of it! The wild rasberries are still there I cn confirm. I had a little time to spare and had the idea instead of riding more Hale I would sneak in Case while I was in the neighborhood. Oh what a dream!

CT Roosevelt shakedown!!!!!!!!!!

I took teh red eye out from Phoenix and was stoooooooked to get out of there! Arrived the next morning in NY and made my way to CT. Hung out with my family for awhile and then took the redline for a test ride to make sure it was ready for a beating. There is a nice piece of land nearby with trails from the condo so I took it right form there, filled with excitement and more road than planned I entered the woods with a smile on my face. Lush green dark woods awaited me, my first dose of something I have been needing for a very long time. We had plans to head for my brothers so I had about 45 minutes to ride around, it was long enough and felt good with the bike and it's ready for tomorrow.

Monday, June 19, 2023

Getting drifty with it

My tires are getting pretty worn, starting to show on the trail, kinda lazy but I think it's time to change them, also fun to not car about skidding or bumps.

Enjoying some snakes before hibernating

Hanging in there, got trip to CT next week which I am ecstatic about. So it takes more than a rattler to slow me down, nor the terrible smell of burning rubber, I guess some valley fires were tanking it up out there.

Memorial day

Not stoked to be back in the desert, but legs to spare off to Hawes I went......