Monday, July 25, 2022

Poor Fox

Was tearing up my normal Friday ride and came across a slow moving animal on the trail, turns out it was a fox with a few prickly riders. Poor thing would walk a few feet and then look at me, I never seen an animal say help me so loudly. I got pretty close but not close enough and off he went. The ride was great, despite a guy yelling for me to move over behind me on lower scorpion, it startled me and made me kind of grumpy but I got over it, dang race weenies.

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Breezy sonoran mornin

Hey look at that, my fuse is almost done. I had my last week of classes and found myself done early so I cut the steerer tube and put the bb on. Last will be the crank and pedals and I am ready to go! The ride this morning was beautiful, very colorful low level clouds, an absolute sweatfest though!


The heat has really been kicking my trash lately, I dunno how I used to hit 5k vert and 40 miles, I don't have it in me lately, I am hoping it's just a cooler weather thing.

Belleza del desierto

Wow, I wasn quite expecting clouds let alone this glorious morning. Not cooler in temperature but much cooler in views and I even tumbled upon a rainbow and my favorite, a desert totroise!

Pretty and sweaty

Gaaaaaaawwwwwssshhhhhh so much sweating, I can't stand it but I can't stand missing ride!

Tuesday, July 19, 2022


Just here to burn calories and suffer, not sure why I do it to myself every week, wait I know why, chocolate and the feeling of a job well done :)


Man, the fatigue on my feet has been getting worses, I see my ride concept livewires have got some pretty pronounced holes from my pedal pins, maybe that's doing it. I think I will be back to 5.10 cause I have only been on these like 4 months and discomfort is never worth it if it cna be avoided. I am also going through some fatigue on the hands as well, I switched the grips but the hand keep going numb on decsents, rigid has to catch up soemtime I supose, maybe time for different thickness or texture.


After a few days off I limped aorund Monday and by Tuesday morning I was astonished to find my knee despite it's size it was much better. By Thursday it was about 90% so ofcourse I went riding. Nothing wild on this one, just hot and glad I got it done.

Independance day!

Got an extra ride in this week, woo hoo. With the weather being so freaken hot though I really don't mind missing rides but that doesn't mean I am going to skip one! I went for something a little different this time. I did a lap of RMR and then went back up and down Gidro. Rode the bits to river view, where the ride went sour when I snapped the chain on a steep pitch, the feeling of going from 100% force to 0 is terrible, usually resulting ina slipped pedal or a knee hit to the stem of fork. This time it was the fork and when it hit I thought I was going to be carted out of there. Man did it hurt, I took it right above the knee and I was on the ground for a good 10 minutes resting before I got up and fixed my chain and figured my way out. After knowing I hit muscle I knew I was going to be ok, I thought abotu hitting the pavement and definitely would have if I needed to. I pedaled on walking a few steep pitches and then it was a straigh forward ride out. On the last climb, I got naucious again and had to sit down for a few minutes, by now my knee was huge, and finished my ride to the car.

Saturday, July 2, 2022

Visual distractions

Pretty tire these last few days, can't stop me from riding though. Got to earn those calories burned to pound some chocolate! Got sprinkled on just a minute and a double rainbow appeared, stunning, also ran into my buddy.


The fish hook catus has bloomed, this little one was hidden under a bush, I thought it was trash but found the surprise. Summer sucks, I wish we were somewhere else.

Morning sweat

Bit of the same on this one, humid, hot and dang pretty!