Sunday, June 25, 2017

Adventure Ride

When my wife took the car and Landon went to bed, I was left about a mess of packing and too much time of my hands. I went thru the ideas in my head to use the bike for some sort of transportation. I debated a ride down to the Lake where they have a beach about 3 miles away, but the thought of riding 3 miles east to dirt sounded better. Riding along the flat roads was annoying with one gear but hey who's fault is that. Once I got closer to the foothills the lighting and ride through the country was wonderful, I wish I lived out here, I had truly enjoyed the cooler weather and activities. I said hey to some horses and then a quick climb up to the dirt. It started off great and then got ugly on some hike a bike, the trail would mix from descents to impossible climbs to tiny wonderful single track. Once I reached a more popular section the trail got plenty buff and more ridden. As the sun was setting it was truly turning into a great ride. I think I was going to meet my goal after all. As I grew closer to the Provo temple it was to be over soon and then a quick ride to the Bus Depot where I would find out there were no buses running to take me home. Luckily my wife was still at dinner less than a mile away which was my backup plan anyway. That would be the last ride for the next two weeks or more. Headed to the bahamas for 10 days, look forward to getting back and doing some more adventures. It's been good, 111 miles and 20,493 ft of climbing

Corner Dreaming

I set off for Corner Canyon Friday evening with mediocre ambition, really wanted something flattish and easier pedaling after I enjoyed Payson mellow so much. I need up at Corner Canyon at the bottom of the Levitation trail. I went up and over into Maple Hollow for a fast fun ride down the mountain with ease. It was nice and long but once I started pedaling I was reminded of a good week of riding legs. I Rode Shoreline back up to Ann's and then chugged back up quite nicely Maple Hollow. From there it was peachy with a simple ride to levitate and a fun jumpy run down, over shot a few tables and even on a rigid it was a blast!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Payson Canyon Surprise

So I was kind of in a dilemma, I wanted to scope out the new trails in Payson Canyon, but I also thought about how incredible it could be if I rode Diamond Fork and dipped in the wonderful hot springs. In the end Payson won since the thought of sharing a space with people and crowds on the trail didn't appeal to me. So off I went into the unknown, not knowing what to expect. The ride started off on a nice warm up mile along a canal trail, then the fun began. Very very fun and flowy somewhat easy trails. The setting was absolutely gorgeous and I was very surprised how good of job the trail builder did out there. Very thankful for the hard work and love these modern trails, lots of flow and fun! I will be back! Also it was pretty easy on me and I need that with 1 or 2 more rides til we head out on the family vacation

Corner Canyon Crank

Well the time came again, so fortunate that grandma loves her grandchild let me tell you, I headed out for yet another ride :) This time I decided to knock out a Corner Canyon ride. A storm rolled by and caused some chaos on the roadway so I was left trying to figure out what I should do. I stuck to the plan and went over sun crest on a long but nice drive to avoid the freeway. So I got started at the regular old trailhead I use to when I lived just 5 minutes from there.....sighhh. Seems like they're done screwing around with the trails, but left us with a sucky road for a climb vs the old trail. Little bummed but that would do just fine, went up Ann's looking for relief on my legs that I knew would come once I got on it. I must say my body is holding up pretty good, it's the Park City climbing that puts the beat down on. But with legs spinning I rolled on up to Rush for a casual ride down it, just as fun as ever, then up Canyon Hollow and knowingly shocked at how quiet the trails were. I guess theres a heat wave here too but 98F is nothing to me so maybe it scared the others. It was slow going but reaching the top again I knew I was done climbing for the day, planned on more but also got more rides ahead of me. Ripped it on down Ghost falls, still my favorite in Corner Canyon. Easy ride to the car and was pleased to have it over with in a way.

Park City Delight at Olympic Park

Wow so here we are, ride 3 and this time I got my buddy Brent up to Park City to ride the new to me Olympic trails. I have rode trails very close to the area but the plan was to hit UOP, Olympic and Moose Puddle or Iron Bill. So we got chugging at a nice pace on the lower trails RTS and such, we made quick work of them, the legs definitely feeling wonky but putting down the what I asked of them. Then we rolled onto Yeti's and right on by the olympic venue. The trail got climby and while the trail was plenty buff and beautiful it was just about as much as a pitch as I want on an extended long climb. That 2.8 miles was slow going but with every foot of elevation we would be rewarded right. As we began to wrap around the Mountain dark clouds were forming, and as we reached the top after a wonderfully dramatic treat for the eyes, rain was not far off. We pedaled out on Olympic just to add a little since we could not use Rob's trail since it is now designated uphill only. Olympic was sweet, very flat and hard not to have enough time to go ride Mid Mountain. We turned around and the wind kicked up, we booked it down Moose Puddle and was shocked at just how much fun it was. Hoots an hollers and so much awesome, I mean this stuff is really really good, super fast which is what I like in a trail, lot's of switchbacks to slow you down but plenty of speed in between them. Just an absolute blast and I was glad we ignored the detour to Iron Bill. With Moose Pudde done we were riding now a still fun stretch we took on the way up. By now the wind was blowing like crazy and the temperature dropped dramatically making for all the more enjoyment. So happy to not be in Phoenix, just loving every second of this trip.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Park City Awesome

So I had Grandma take over around 3:45 and off I went to Park City again, I can't believe how good this is to be able to have so much freedom to ride my bike, maybe the most I have ever had. I had the plan to ride PSpin Cycle trail and then whatever else my legs had in them. I began my climb on Deer Crest and man it as hard going, the pitch of the trail and my legs were struggling. I chugged along none the less and after some navigating I made my way to Spin Cycle. It was super narrow and was old school trail fun! It traversed and bobsledded like crazy down the trail and I really really liked it. It was also mega green and reminded me somewhat of a smoother CT trail. I had to grind up pavement and trail to get back to where I started, the trail was brutal and slow and after I reached close to my car I almost threw in the towel. But determination took hold and I climbed slowly up Deer Crest to Mid Mountain and then things got better. It was an absolute pleasure rolling along Mid Mountain, just so green and pretty, such a lucky guy I am. I then mixed some trails to get back down the mountain, I was 15 miles in and wanted to get home quickly, I found a different way home thru some trails I never rode. I hit a variety of trail, to tight and grown in with downed trees to fast and slow trails. By the time I exited my last trail and had a DH to the car I was thrilled. What a ride, I don't know how I pulled it off with those legs. Got another planned for Tuesday with my good friend Brent. We will see what happens from there, pretty sure I will ride every day this week. Until my wife flies in Saturday Morning and we head on vacation Sunday.

Sunday Corner Canyon Rip

So after an amazing camp trip with my son over the weekend it was coming up on 7pm and my kid was soon tired. Since Grandma is his choice for putting him to bed I zipped out the door to sneak a ride in. I got on the trail by 8:30 and had my light with me. I went to the new flow trails at Corner Canyon. I rode Vertigo 3 months ago and found it just ok, but this time I dropped into the newly finished Levitate for a fun surprise. This one was built proper, good flow and lots of jumps, while my bike was doing the trick some suspension sure would have been nice. I cleared all the tables and really really enjoyed the trail, nice job! Then I climbed back up on surprisingly willing legs. This time up the hollow to the top of the Draper DH trail and rode a bit of that down to Anns and then a cruise back up and then headed for Vertigo. I debated riding Levitate one more time but figured I would mix it up. By now it was 9:30 and had not even used my light yet, they're lucky how much light they get here with daylight savings I guess. I very much enjoyed getting out on a ride, should be plenty more this week, it will be interesting to see how far my legs will carry me.

Friday Round 2

I drove a short 15 minutes to the Bad Apple trailhead over at Glenwild for a go on Flying Dog. The first bit felt wonky, I had already done a heavy 16 miles ride and was running low on gas but dedicated myself to finishing this ride loop. As I got going I loosened up and while I was slower I was steady. The lighting got pretty dang nice as it got close to sunset but still so much light. I was worn out by the time I reached the top but the ride down was absolutely thrilling. I was happy to have a very fast return trip with a lot of descent. I met up with my friend for some BBQ to finish the perfect evening! So lucky!

Friday BLISS

OK here we go, round one began a lot sooner than I thought, after a horrendous wednesday night after a scorpion stung my foot sending me into a world of hurt, me and the boy took off out of that puke hole valley and headed for cooler ground. We had a nice drive and arrived plenty good to Utah where the air was much cooler and fresher, not always fresher but is right now. After settling in I was offered an opportunity to ride Friday afternoon, I could not have been more stoked, the mountains were calling me and I was going to pursue them. I left the house headed for Park City with as many hours as my legs would carry me until I met up with a friend for dinner. I ended up at Park City Mountain Resort climbing Armstrong, immediately I was greeted with a sea of green and the smell of the mountain, absolute serenity on all sense. A nice breeze and birds a chirping it was absolutely ALL TIME! I was so thankful and relishing every moment as I began my climb to Mid Mountain. With a plan in my head I executed it as I wrapped around the mountain and hopped onto a grown in Iron Man. Started to get worn out from the climbing, I was riding strong but the 2,700ft of vert had taken it's toll, it was beautiful once I pointed it down hill and reached Mid Mountain, things got really good on Mid Mountain and enjoyed that the most. In and out of the pines and aspens while the sun was going down it was a stunner! I was running low on juice and was looking for an easy way out to head to the next ride and ripped down Spiro and to the car where I could not believe how fortunate I was, thank you lovely wife!