Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Park City Awesome

So I had Grandma take over around 3:45 and off I went to Park City again, I can't believe how good this is to be able to have so much freedom to ride my bike, maybe the most I have ever had. I had the plan to ride PSpin Cycle trail and then whatever else my legs had in them. I began my climb on Deer Crest and man it as hard going, the pitch of the trail and my legs were struggling. I chugged along none the less and after some navigating I made my way to Spin Cycle. It was super narrow and was old school trail fun! It traversed and bobsledded like crazy down the trail and I really really liked it. It was also mega green and reminded me somewhat of a smoother CT trail. I had to grind up pavement and trail to get back to where I started, the trail was brutal and slow and after I reached close to my car I almost threw in the towel. But determination took hold and I climbed slowly up Deer Crest to Mid Mountain and then things got better. It was an absolute pleasure rolling along Mid Mountain, just so green and pretty, such a lucky guy I am. I then mixed some trails to get back down the mountain, I was 15 miles in and wanted to get home quickly, I found a different way home thru some trails I never rode. I hit a variety of trail, to tight and grown in with downed trees to fast and slow trails. By the time I exited my last trail and had a DH to the car I was thrilled. What a ride, I don't know how I pulled it off with those legs. Got another planned for Tuesday with my good friend Brent. We will see what happens from there, pretty sure I will ride every day this week. Until my wife flies in Saturday Morning and we head on vacation Sunday.

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