Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Friday BLISS

OK here we go, round one began a lot sooner than I thought, after a horrendous wednesday night after a scorpion stung my foot sending me into a world of hurt, me and the boy took off out of that puke hole valley and headed for cooler ground. We had a nice drive and arrived plenty good to Utah where the air was much cooler and fresher, not always fresher but is right now. After settling in I was offered an opportunity to ride Friday afternoon, I could not have been more stoked, the mountains were calling me and I was going to pursue them. I left the house headed for Park City with as many hours as my legs would carry me until I met up with a friend for dinner. I ended up at Park City Mountain Resort climbing Armstrong, immediately I was greeted with a sea of green and the smell of the mountain, absolute serenity on all sense. A nice breeze and birds a chirping it was absolutely ALL TIME! I was so thankful and relishing every moment as I began my climb to Mid Mountain. With a plan in my head I executed it as I wrapped around the mountain and hopped onto a grown in Iron Man. Started to get worn out from the climbing, I was riding strong but the 2,700ft of vert had taken it's toll, it was beautiful once I pointed it down hill and reached Mid Mountain, things got really good on Mid Mountain and enjoyed that the most. In and out of the pines and aspens while the sun was going down it was a stunner! I was running low on juice and was looking for an easy way out to head to the next ride and ripped down Spiro and to the car where I could not believe how fortunate I was, thank you lovely wife!

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