Friday, June 23, 2017

Park City Delight at Olympic Park

Wow so here we are, ride 3 and this time I got my buddy Brent up to Park City to ride the new to me Olympic trails. I have rode trails very close to the area but the plan was to hit UOP, Olympic and Moose Puddle or Iron Bill. So we got chugging at a nice pace on the lower trails RTS and such, we made quick work of them, the legs definitely feeling wonky but putting down the what I asked of them. Then we rolled onto Yeti's and right on by the olympic venue. The trail got climby and while the trail was plenty buff and beautiful it was just about as much as a pitch as I want on an extended long climb. That 2.8 miles was slow going but with every foot of elevation we would be rewarded right. As we began to wrap around the Mountain dark clouds were forming, and as we reached the top after a wonderfully dramatic treat for the eyes, rain was not far off. We pedaled out on Olympic just to add a little since we could not use Rob's trail since it is now designated uphill only. Olympic was sweet, very flat and hard not to have enough time to go ride Mid Mountain. We turned around and the wind kicked up, we booked it down Moose Puddle and was shocked at just how much fun it was. Hoots an hollers and so much awesome, I mean this stuff is really really good, super fast which is what I like in a trail, lot's of switchbacks to slow you down but plenty of speed in between them. Just an absolute blast and I was glad we ignored the detour to Iron Bill. With Moose Pudde done we were riding now a still fun stretch we took on the way up. By now the wind was blowing like crazy and the temperature dropped dramatically making for all the more enjoyment. So happy to not be in Phoenix, just loving every second of this trip.

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