Sunday, June 25, 2017

Adventure Ride

When my wife took the car and Landon went to bed, I was left about a mess of packing and too much time of my hands. I went thru the ideas in my head to use the bike for some sort of transportation. I debated a ride down to the Lake where they have a beach about 3 miles away, but the thought of riding 3 miles east to dirt sounded better. Riding along the flat roads was annoying with one gear but hey who's fault is that. Once I got closer to the foothills the lighting and ride through the country was wonderful, I wish I lived out here, I had truly enjoyed the cooler weather and activities. I said hey to some horses and then a quick climb up to the dirt. It started off great and then got ugly on some hike a bike, the trail would mix from descents to impossible climbs to tiny wonderful single track. Once I reached a more popular section the trail got plenty buff and more ridden. As the sun was setting it was truly turning into a great ride. I think I was going to meet my goal after all. As I grew closer to the Provo temple it was to be over soon and then a quick ride to the Bus Depot where I would find out there were no buses running to take me home. Luckily my wife was still at dinner less than a mile away which was my backup plan anyway. That would be the last ride for the next two weeks or more. Headed to the bahamas for 10 days, look forward to getting back and doing some more adventures. It's been good, 111 miles and 20,493 ft of climbing

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