Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Back to Phoenix

Absolute delightful stay in Tucson, filled with plenty relaxation, bike rides and good food. Not thrilled to head back in a way but anxious to see my boy. It wasn't long after I got back that the next ride would present itself, this one got planned for as a Wednesday night ride. I chose Hawes since it seems to be one of the few areas we are allowed to park and ride after dark, I am surprised to not see more people out there but I usually see a biker or two at some point. I went about my normal loop, after climbing out on hates I felt something slip in the cranks. I never felt something quite like it. I could also feel some sort of rubbing and odd stuff going on. I stopped and looked at the bike 3 times and decided since it was pedaling to just head for the car. As I but heavy torque on the cranks it would just slip ever so slightly and as I was going thru the things in my mind I could only think that the hub internals went but it still didn't quite make sense. I pulled over again and thenI saw the problem, the dirt has stuck to a crack in the hub body all the way around it. Ahhhhh something I thought I'd never see but there it was before me. I decided to add some miles since I was feeling good and kept it mellow on the bike to limp on home. On my way home a quick search turned up others with identical issue with the Stan Neo Hub. Poop, looks like I was a lucky on it went for so long. Supposedly a batch with thin tolerances are plaguing victims. This being my third issue with my 1 year old wheelset I am wondering if the old saying rings true, they don't make things like they used to.

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