Tuesday, November 28, 2017

What I'm looking for

Feeling good I pedaled into Hawes area for the now normal Tuesday 20. I really can come close to 3,000 miles by the end of the year if I can average 80 miles a week. That seems like a tall order but I am going for it. If i can do three 20 milers and two 10's I can pull it off. Felt really good out there, strong and clear mind, good stuff.

Back to the valley of filthy

Talked Ryan into a night ride, well actually it doesn't take much work, he's game when he can make it work as I am. Headed to Usery and had a good spina around there, he was hot on my tail most the night had to push that only gear I got pretty hard but it was good and fun.

Park City Shorty

Me and my wife were up in Park City enjoying some alone time, I held off most the day to ask for a ride, at 3pm it happened, I ran out to Glenwild hoping for some dry conditions. What I found was a dry front side and spotty soft backside, the Glenwild loop I hold close to my heart, many good memories of my early times on the bike with wife, best friend, and dog. I had been told to keep it short and hit that hour mark and was pleased. Hoped for more ride but these two would be the only of the trip.


Well ti went down, it took a few days to wait patiently for a ride, but man when I hit Corner Canyon on my own bike and pristine conditions I was one happy boy! My lovely wife dropped me off and up the trails I went. Plans to ride the classic were on my mind, I was LOVING the smells of leaves and the entire atmosphere in general, when I finished the pleasant climb up Ann's trail, I set my sights on Rush. Just a great ride down, conditions absolutely prime, I've ridden it faster but I enjoyed it thoroughly. Then it was back up for Ghost Falls. Then up an over for a spectacular sight of Utah Valley, it was surprisingly clear and warm. Some more great trails and was wiped out after almost 6,000 ft climbing and 30 miles. Very surprised with that much elevation, I am surprised my desert legs held up so well. Really lucky to have this great of weather in late November, definitely happy about it.

Friday, November 17, 2017


My critter went back to his old school and that left me home, with too nice of a day and home alone, I ran out for a good 10 mile spin, felt good even after a mellow 20 the 10 was super easy.

Usery Goosery

Another good clip of time and 20 on my mind, avoided Usery of course since the crapshow, Usery provided and so did legs n mind.

Bird Hunting

Well loads of people out there at Usery, the morning was filled with happy people, and some annoyed people. Came across a few groups of 20+ people and man that was a mess. Some woman said I need to notify them when I am approaching, I shrugged it off as I use my ratchet pawls on my wheel and they should hear that very well as I always do. I came across her sour puss 4 more times lol. Easy 20 as it went, nice weather and good ride.


The weekend did not provide for a ride and that was just fine. I went out Monday with 20 in mind and 20 I did. Really abusing my local trails lately sure wish I had fresh meat. Felt fine out there, my mind didn't want to ride but I did anyway, kind of the case lately.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Thursday with the homie

Me and Ryan hit the trails, not too many horses out there but lots of hiker peoples.

Tuesday 20

Tuesday brought on another morning of riding, this time flat and easy for the most part, lots of people out there as the snowbirds flock in, can't say I don't get grumped out at them all but we got to share right. Uneventful out there but good miles none the less.


So my kiddo is now in school more hours and Monday was nice and cool and I had hours to burn. I had 20 miles on my mind and had to stay nearby still so I went to hawes to make some loops. Nothing crazy went on, just smooth operations

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Sunday w the family

managed to close out the week with another ride, this one with my family on an absolute stunning winter desert evening. Absolutely love being out there when the day is coming to an end, smiles and fun all around on two wheels :)

Round the Mountain

With two rides wiggled out on the week I was looking for a Saturday closer, with the parents we had a great week, and before they're farewell I was up at 5am and on trail by 5:30. Ambition has been down a bit but I still find myself riding anyway, quietly into the morning it was awhile before my headlamp would go off, right around that time I ran into the Salt River Wild Horses and a tarantula. Going through Usery there was a big bike race, said Hi to the organizer and reminded him if my Superfly ever breaks I am coming to him. With bikes and trucks everywhere and a weird atmosphere I am glad to be no part of, I sped off on one last stretch of dirt happily before a few miles of pavement to link the loop to my car

South Mountain Night

After few failed attempts to ride me and Ryan went out Wednesday night for a ride at South Mountain. Starting in total darkness it has been little while and we sped into the night. Came across a few other bikers, and we chugged into the night. Moving at a good pace I left out the last little loop but hit everything else. I told him about how I rode under moonlight, he wanted to give it a go. So when we got to a good spot the light went off, I was surprised how well he did with them off as he was not on my tail and the terrain started off nice enough to enjoy the desert under the moonlight instead of a blinding spotlight. I asked if he wanted to turn them on and got not really as a reply so we happily rode to the car without them. Fun fun fun

Tuesday Sun Rise

My parents came to town and found time Tuesday morning to wiggle in a sun rise ride, I rode for quite awhile in the dark without a light due to a pretty full moon still. It was perfect out, I was live and feeling good as I cruised around the sun came up and it was very very nice out there.