Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Well ti went down, it took a few days to wait patiently for a ride, but man when I hit Corner Canyon on my own bike and pristine conditions I was one happy boy! My lovely wife dropped me off and up the trails I went. Plans to ride the classic were on my mind, I was LOVING the smells of leaves and the entire atmosphere in general, when I finished the pleasant climb up Ann's trail, I set my sights on Rush. Just a great ride down, conditions absolutely prime, I've ridden it faster but I enjoyed it thoroughly. Then it was back up for Ghost Falls. Then up an over for a spectacular sight of Utah Valley, it was surprisingly clear and warm. Some more great trails and was wiped out after almost 6,000 ft climbing and 30 miles. Very surprised with that much elevation, I am surprised my desert legs held up so well. Really lucky to have this great of weather in late November, definitely happy about it.

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