Monday, November 18, 2013


Counting down the days to ride, I hope winter does not get in my way, it's been extremely difficult having such great weather and not being able to ride my bike, but I am hanging in there 24 more days to go til I rip!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Two weeks down

Been 19 days since my last ride and I am starting to have withdrawals. The weather has been perfect which is helping nothing but I think I have held it together pretty well so far. I am however going to try to wiggle a ride out this weekend if at all possible but I may have to accept failure but if I succeed it will be bliss. Been spending lots of time with the boy which is always great, I can't wait for snow to fall and take him outside and have some real fun. I also can't wait to hopefully get a few more days snowboarding this year with some good friends before I leave the state this summer. I have pretty much made up a big decision, when I move back to Utah I will try skiing!I have been snowboarding almost 20 years and never set foot on stick but I want to learn to ski so I can do tours and skin up to fresh powder so I am gaining knowledge on telemarking. It's time for something new and I think I will have trouble ditching my board but would like a new challenge in the backcountry powder. Some photos of my boy, I fricken love this kid he is so awesome!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Sorry But Closed

Looks like I am going off the radar and expect no rides until mid December. Due to my recent sickness that I believe might have been started from exhausting myself of nutrients on that big ride two Saturday's ago. My Wife lost valuable time from studying between the hospital and Dr. visits and can't afford to get sick again since I need to car for our little one year old. A break is always nice makes riding feel brand new all over again. I may ride if it happens but don't expect much to be going on this blog..........happy riding