Friday, November 8, 2013

Two weeks down

Been 19 days since my last ride and I am starting to have withdrawals. The weather has been perfect which is helping nothing but I think I have held it together pretty well so far. I am however going to try to wiggle a ride out this weekend if at all possible but I may have to accept failure but if I succeed it will be bliss. Been spending lots of time with the boy which is always great, I can't wait for snow to fall and take him outside and have some real fun. I also can't wait to hopefully get a few more days snowboarding this year with some good friends before I leave the state this summer. I have pretty much made up a big decision, when I move back to Utah I will try skiing!I have been snowboarding almost 20 years and never set foot on stick but I want to learn to ski so I can do tours and skin up to fresh powder so I am gaining knowledge on telemarking. It's time for something new and I think I will have trouble ditching my board but would like a new challenge in the backcountry powder. Some photos of my boy, I fricken love this kid he is so awesome!

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