Monday, February 25, 2013

Hate you winter

time to pack your crap up winter and head on out, tired of you!!!!!!!!! Spring cleaning, maybe sending vibes for a ride soon............or spring. Took the boy to his first drive to the bike shop, exciting.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Still Not Riding

I hate you winter, I hate you so much! Shoveling snow for 5 hours gave a small workout but nothing like the real thing.............. The storm came and went and as prepared to be without power I was, I was astounded and over joyed that power was never lost. I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me but was looking forward to being somewhat active. My wife has two bad wrists with tendinitis so she was sidelined. It was all up to me to clear the walkway, clear the driveway, clear the car, clear the basement door,clear to the grill to get the stashed away generator, clear path to oil spout, clear path to garbage and recycling cans, and finally clear the roof so it does not collapse while I am writing this lovely diary entry. It was a bit of work but was strangely welcomed, so while I weep in the corner drooling over a bike ride on a warm sunny day, I say the day will come, the day will come......

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tried to ride tuesday but some stuff came up with work and to be honest I was not fully recovered from last weeks sickness. Tried to get out yesterday and LuAnn was too busy to babysit so I was grounded. Maybe today who knows, I miss riding, plain and simple I am craving it. Massive storm on the horizon 1-3 feet, with high winds. Got all my gas and generator and ready for another storm, hard to believe I just hook it up 7 days ago when the power went out. Bring it biotch I am mighty ready!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Torture Device

Neither was kind to me last week, nor was the nasty head cold I got. Going on 10 days without a ride and I got to stir crazy yesterday and I did something desperate. Nine months ago I bought and elliptical for my wife so she could have the comforts of working out of home while the little baby was being formed in her belly. It turned out to be a great tool for her, but I always looked at it as a terrible device and wanted nothing but exercise on my own two wheels. Well after sulking in some weight gain and seeing it I hopped on the stupid thing for an hour yesterday, it went ok once I got past the boredom trying to flip through channels on the tv. Oh trail how much I miss............ I should be riding today, we shall see :)