Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Good shred!

Feeling stronger than normal but still trying to avoid the crowds I relucantly headed for Usery area with plans to hit the Mountain. I was pleasntly surprised to not come across another person on the stretch up and down the mountain also it was a welcome flow machine of sweet! I very very much enjoyed this ride and contemplated riding more but my grocery list and lunch was calling :)

Ready for new week

OK Thanksgiving is past us and onwards to the new year, I am thankful to be living in the desert right now, the weather is perfect, the trails are snow free and I am still comfy in my shorts and t shirt. Spendng so much time in the heat I really am enjoying this bit before it gets crazy again. Body and mind were feeling good and this was a great spin.

Saturday Shred

Saturday I was more than down for the last ride of the week, I was told not to show off so time and location was to be along the normal and I was just fine with that. I Headed for Hawes and hit the road up to the goods of the DH. The rest was history, surprised I didn't encounter all that many people out there, one group of 8 or so but other than that it was smooth sailing :)

Friday, November 23, 2018

Lovely cloudy pedal

Thanksgiving day has arrived and I happily got the go ahead to hit the trails running. I went for Gold Canyon so I could have some peace and quiet and it was a sucess! the hikers were in full force at the parking lot but they all take one trail which is nowhere near mine so gold canyon was as good as mine! Great ride, and great dinner!

Sweet Spot

Ok onwards to Wednesday, I wasnted to travel further since my son was under good care but I still felt like I might be taking advantage of the situation so I went with something that would keep me out of trouble. Expecting hawes to be very busy it turns out it really wasn't bad at all. I had different plans for the ride but changed them as usual as I felt lazy partway thru. Fantastic ride though, felt good and strong!

Grocery List Distraction

It was another nice day for a nice ride, my mind was massively distracted by a grocery run which was good and bad, good because it's kind of boring on the same old trails and instead of my ind wandering it was going over the thanksgiving menu. Great ride and so glad I can ride year round I think I will miss it when I am gone from this desert.

Turkey Week

Thanksgiving week is upon us, not that iit really changes much on my schedule but it certainly got off to a good week. Gold canyon was my shred victim on a crisp cool green desert morning. Great ride and looking forward to my inlaws coming to visit and share the holidays.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Off but kind working

Whta a beautiful morning to be out on the trails, unhappy to say my mind was in shambles and I never got into the ride but mission was accomplished.

Hawes of 20

20 miles and little drive time and crowd was on my mind for Thursday, so I settled for Hawes. The choice was fine and it did for a ride and got those 20 miles.

good not great

With the holiday monday and kiddo field trip tuesday I took a few extra days off the bike. Wednesday I was anxious to get back on dirt, but wasn't as rewarding as I was hoping...... good ride still

Saturday, November 10, 2018

3,000 Miles!

Beauty of a mornng to roll in the 3,000 miles club again! So fortunate and so grateful to all that comes my way, what a great year it has been on and off the bike.

Great Hawes Rip

Feeling pretty good on this one, felt fast and composed more than normal, the awards say different but I did enjoy this one, also fixed my front brake and it sure is nice to have it back working again!

Peacedful Solitude

Gold Canyon popped into my mind on Wednesday so it was the ride of choice. I love the drive out there and the fact the trails are glorious and always completely empty! It really is amazing to have such a good network that gets so little use. So with thats said I coudln't help but think about how snowbird filled San Tan or South Mountain or Usery was so I gladly enjoyed 90 miinutes without seeing another soul while riding in the Supersition Mountains, what a treat!

Easy Does it

These morning are getting cooler and less light and I love it! Pretty perfect temperature for riding in my opinion, I can;t believe I have another summer to endure but for now we head for winter :)

Mellow Slice of McDowell

With my wife home to be on duty for the kiddo if a problem shall arise I went for McDowells for something more less ridden by me. I must say when I did put the rubber down my back was bothering me, legs were lifeless and the appeal of a ride was just not there. I just kept pedaling on easy beautiful trail convincing myself to get some miles, by the time the first loop was over I was feeling a little better and it got better from there. Nice day and ride out there for sure, love me some fall!

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Right Direction

I took som excedrin Thursday night as I started to feel my worst, I started to feel noticable better and by the next day I flt much better. So with time on my hands I went for the big loop, so peaceful and pretty out there, until I got to Usery Mountain, lots of hikers was mildy annoying but no big deal. Mission complete, onwards through November!

Beat up or down?

Still feeling like crap but happily outside trying to pedal my legs in circles, powered through it for a mission complete!

Happy Halloween

Plans to do a big loop round Hawes fell short as I decided shorlty in that this was going to be a bit of a grind to just get the stadard done, I wish I could say I was out there getting a workout for Halloween candy but I am over candy the last few years and glad.

Git Moving

Oh man Tuesday is here and still my legs feel like crap, I also noticed some congestion and head funk, due to my swollen dry eyes I know allergies are back around and thats whats knocking my spirit down but why the legs. Pedaled this one out easily, cased a rock so hard on my front wheel I could not believe it made it through that unscathed. Testament to lots of PSI and a older stans flow ex :)

Monday without legs

Monday was down to business as usual, legs felt quite off and not really having it but Hawes is easy enough to get away with a feeling like that, it really is a great mix of ups downs and flow.