Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Sweet Bliss!

Ohhh yeaaaaaa, got my new light! 5,000 lumens lit up the night!I put the niteride on the bars and was surprised it stayed put since I never put a light on the bar. It disapears under the magicshine but good to know if one fails I got the other one. I nevr thought about what it would be like to have a solo light go out on a dh in the dark, that would be horriffic! Absolutely love the new light, I can easily ride as fast as daytime, which isn't important but fine by me. Serviced all 4 pedals, one was beyond repair so I replaced it with a backup. I have a brand new set they warrantied but I will wait a little before I put them on. Got to make a plane for new pedals, I want canefield campons, might go that route or deity Tmacs.

Gimme Moreeee

As it sometimes goes, a ride is soooo good I want more!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2021


Moisture is lingering around and the dirt is nice still, my windshield was frozen even on this morning, finally cooler weather! Once I got riding I was warm and great in the sun, I got new pedals on the way they decided to warranty them a second time, big props for oneup!

Dear Santa

What a ride! Took the steel beast out for a rip, my headlamp has pissed me off for the last time, I have helmet mounted niterider 900 and it's not bright enough and it tilts on it's axis throughout the ride. With these Saturday rides about 90 minutes with a light enough is enough tilting it back mid trail. I had an issue on the last mile when the pedal wanted to stop rotating, it kept popping off my foot resisting its function and was a tricky ride back to the car, lucky for me it was thte last mile of a 31 mile ride so super duper lucky. I am not pleased with these oneups, this is the second seized pedal, I like everything bout them except this makor issue, this is the second one to do it on me so they must need bi annual maintenance but they really shouldn't to do their job. It was about completely seized by time I got to the car but so glad I didn't need to pedal it much. I got home and researched and pulled the trigger on magicshine mj906 5,000 lumen.

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Nice spring shower

I call it a spring shower cuase it is warm! An overnight sprinkle brought some great dirt and finally tamped down all the dust. The air was clean and clear and rocked it out on the bike!

Peaceful n wild as always

Well it's been so warm out but most the snakes are asleep, so I went out for some Gold. It has been months since my last visit, it was a great return and rolled a nice loop. Not another rider to be found, loving winter.


Another fantastic Saturday ride, these have been quite warm which is better than being cold!

Monday, December 20, 2021

Tuning the shock wiz

Man The trails are gettig soooo bumpy, its taken alot fo the rigid fast riding down a notch and hey it's my fault on a rigid right. They built a new trail Im going to try it out soon!

Great as always

just as the title says, great as always!

Friday, December 10, 2021

Sucker for a sun rise

This Saturday ride loops are getting habitual, in a good way for me, lots of mile and LOTS of climbing. Even after these rides I got lots in the tank, thankful for being strong and healthy, kicking myself for not going on on that black friday vassago frame deal. I got a really cool photo of my bike!


I went all around Hawes on this one, another 30 miler!

Hardtails on the moutnain

IT's thanksgiving! It was going to be a week of early morning rides with the kiddo out of school, it's nice whn it is sooooooo quiet, then slowly some riders start showing up. Nothing crazy here, very solid spin, still not quick these days but can go for hours and no sign of tiring. I came cross my first coupld on top of Alpe, they stopped at a feature and I got past and then one of them quickly caught up and smoked me down the mountain, impressive hardtail rider for sure!

Dancing in the moonlight

Closing out the weekend with a regular Saturday ride, it was a delight to have the full moon accompany the ride, when dawn grew in it really made for a surreal landscape!

Not bad at all

Well It was Friday and as normal I was back at it, wasn;t sure how the legs would be after Precott the day before, turns out they were totaly normal, I will count my luckys stars while I am still younger and in good condition. It was a ride around Hawes and enjoyed it thoroughly!

Monday, December 6, 2021

Prescott Circle Trail!

Well I spent the last few months hinting to my wife I really really wanted to ride Prescott. She brought up this week maybe being ok, I could not believe it, excitement was my first reaction, then some guilt. It was not talked about for a few days and then I brought it up th day before and suggeseted I drop Landon off at school and then I take off. I was excpecting her to decline my decision to go up sayaing do it another day or something but she wanted to say don't go but I persisted and knew I needed to go. So up I went on a nice drive up to Prescott. I have done the circle trail once before so it should be easier to navigate and thankfully they have a bunch of signs leading the way. So I got into the walmart lot, I know right funny place to start a ride. It was a quick pedal across the street to where I would meet up with the trail, feeling good it started mellow and quick descent, twists n turns and smiling ear to ear I made the right choice. I was so happy to be out of the valley, the air was clean and clear and trees were a beautiful sight. After ome really really nice miles I was on flat ground going throught the riparian preserve, towering cottonwoods and meadows dotted the lanscape, ahhhhh paradise. I then began to get views of Watson lake, quite the sight to hold, very scenic and very cool rocks. Now I was on gravel path until I connected with the next Pioneer Park area network of trails. The trail was now back single, and ups and downs but mostly up along quiet sage, the sun was very warm. I was looking forward to shade soon. The a quick stint onto pavement, through a neigborhood and onto a rough climby section known as hokaygon near granite mountain. The pines were back now and back on wonderful singletrack of Javalina. Across the street again and then a boring downhill into the pines, I saw trail after trail of narrow singletrack that would have been marvelous to enjoy but I was on the route and the time crunch, super painful to pass it by. After a long dull DH it was back to climbing and the best part of the ride. Garden grove, potts creek, cold spring, all absolutely delightlful with fantastic singletrack in the pines. Ran into a few bikers and horses but that was just a few. The climbing was taking some toll but I was feeling great. It was now time for a long down wolverton mountain. It's not really a fun downhill but going down felt nice but I knew I had alot more up to go. Now at the trailhead for goldwater lakes, I had my first bit of water and knew well what I had ahead of me. There was a smell of campfire and as I rode I guess the place had just burned, some spots were still smoldering! I was so glad the trail was open cuase that would have really put a damper on me. It's a nice climb, it came to a pause when I hit myself stupidly on the stem stalled out on a rock drop, intense pain came over and I began to feel sick and laid down for 10 minutes, it was great to take in the view while my discomfort settled. From there it was back to wonderful Pines and awhole lot of climbing up the ranch trails which seemed like forever but I was excited to bypass boy scout trail this time cause that sucked. By now my legs were hurt wonky and probably should have rested more, ate more and drank more. I cranked on forever and then a few more ups and some sonderful views the descent down Badger was welcoming and short ride up to the car and BAM! Mission accomplished, 6.11 hours hours on the bike and one mighty fine day up in Prescott! Now that I have done it twice I don't know when the next time will be, but I will definitely ride some more up there next chance I get!