Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Sweet Bliss!

Ohhh yeaaaaaa, got my new light! 5,000 lumens lit up the night!I put the niteride on the bars and was surprised it stayed put since I never put a light on the bar. It disapears under the magicshine but good to know if one fails I got the other one. I nevr thought about what it would be like to have a solo light go out on a dh in the dark, that would be horriffic! Absolutely love the new light, I can easily ride as fast as daytime, which isn't important but fine by me. Serviced all 4 pedals, one was beyond repair so I replaced it with a backup. I have a brand new set they warrantied but I will wait a little before I put them on. Got to make a plane for new pedals, I want canefield campons, might go that route or deity Tmacs.

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