Friday, November 23, 2012

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When he gets hungry he gets pissed and will fight anyone! We have begun to call him the Milk Monster! Eyyyyyyyyyyyyy Rocky
Baby Is doing sooooo good, each and every day he blesses our lives Look at that hot mama! I am one lucky guy! 1 (5) 1 (3) 1 (7) 1 (8) 1 (9) 1 (12) 1 (13) 1 (14) 1 (17)

Gay City To Case Power

Such good stuff! I decided to start on the Gay City State Park side to mix things up since I have to whore Case area this time of year due to me trying to avoid running into hunters. I forgot how quickly I can get to the top at Birch Mountain Road without taking Ribbon trail, so I was on red trail and enjoying being able to crank steady and hard for awhile without getting seriously worked. I took some pavement to take a little blue section I have only taken once before, storming down it I was enjoying the cool off, it was super warm out, some 56 degrees. Rode over to Tinti and on the way caught something in my view to the left, a sign on a trail I have never rode but always noticed it being used by hikers. I like how the sign is to the point "DEER HARVEST IN PROGRESS". Made my way shortly to Tinti trail and enjoyed the smoothness, someone has been doing some work on it getting the benching down right and taking care of it wisely. Down to the reservoir and around the opposing side I normally don't take, pine needles kind of suck to ride on, especially since it rarely sees tires but none the less a change of pace is never a bad thing. Mixed it up from there and had mad strength in my legs, felt good as I charged hills on the single speed. Back across the road I had intentions to ride Ribbon trail which is outside boundaries of Gay City and sure enough one minute after crossing the road saw hunter number one and then I reluctantly turned at the fork for Ribbon and in the distance two more orange jackets. I said screw it, they can have that area so I went back the way I came and stormed down and made a different loop with red and yellow. I had to get a grocery run in following this rip so I was shooting for a 90 minute ride and did just about that. 96 minutes and 13.20 miles, that's pretty quick ride, mostly due to trails I chose.

Gay City to Case

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Mighty Fine One

Life is good, my little son has been making as work hard as you can imagine but he is a very happy baby. My wife has bounced back from the huge job that it took to make the little man and is one heck of a good mom. I got a ride last thursday which was a mere 1 ride but I was obviously happy to be riding at all. When today rolled around I had riding in the back of my mind and when I pitched the idea to LuAnn, she was fine with it. So I obviously got the car loaded up and grabbed the dog and off I went with no worries until dark. I was headed past the homestead down the road and saw some guys either finishing or starting a ride at Hale and I thought in my head, do I know them, maybe we could ride in a pack and avoid hunter activities. Just then I decided no, it's the Hunter's short time in the woods and I know I am not going to risk Bentley or mine lives so I carried on. Not 10 seconds later I hear a gunshot right close to the road on my favorite Al's trail. That incident assured that I made the right decision. We hit the Pond lot and did what we do, legs and lungs feeling great. The woods felt pretty creepy, not often does that happen but this time of year I always feel watched, good thing I got my vicious designer golden doodle dog to get my back if things get crazy. It was really good to have his company, I love my dog, he just so happens to be an exceptional trail dog too. Rigid and Single speed felt great as usual, ended up climbing up to Tinti, had a mighty good time descending it at usual too. The mind was thankfully clear, I think I am through the fog of anxiety of the new one. Bentley started slowing down after the first hour, we don't ride as much as we used to. By the time we found the summit overlook I spotted a swarm of kids, must have been some school activity or something, good 30 plus kids. In true dog fashion Bentley circles through the group getting pats and love from most, but striking terror in a few kids as well, pretty funny to see people that thought he was a big animal coming to take their life. I felt pretty bad I did not put him on the leash, but after 30 seconds into that incident he found me and we were back on trail. I took it super slow cause doggy was jogging and I was just taking it easy and enjoying it. Really great ride, love staring mondays off on the right foot. Will be interesting what rides the week will bring, could be only one who knows! Til then, I be hoping

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wednesday Night Dude Ride

I was pumped when Derek posted up for a Wednesday night ride vs. Tuesday night ride. I spend tuesday nights with a scout program so I miss all those night rides. The ride was set for Hale, and with fresh legs and lungs I had no idea what to expect. Luckily I have averaged two rides a week the last two weeks so when I got cranking with the heavy hitters it all worked out. It was cold outside but for some reason I felt great in shorts and a t-shirt under my short sleeve jersey, take that fancy clothing technology! I think I made the right decision when I last minute grabbed bike gloves, I have been riding bare fisted for months now, I like it that way, but if someone wants to buy me some new lightweight gloves be my guest! We put in 30 minutes before ending back in the parking lot to pickup a rider that hit some traffic on the way. back into the woods, things picked up quick. Did pretty well on Scoliosis backwards, but the real work came when we crossed the street to the Punisher. I talked with a fellow biker/hunter who stumbled on the trail and was telling me about how intense this tight hilly trail he walked with his rifle was and I got to tell him, yeah I ride that it's no big deal. Punisher covered in leaves and sticks proved to disable me from getting traction everywhere! I have not been crazy about these 2.3 Maxis Ardents, when they wear out I will be trying something else! I was having trouble keeping close to my fellow riders up front and I paid the price on the tight turns. I was riding and all off a sudden out of the right side of my vision I saw a pine with snapped branches sticking out like a bat with nails and I was turning right for it, trying to avoid I washed out my tire whic sent me over sideways and locking my leg into the frame. Ouch went my knee and walked it off for 20 seconds cursing a silly hurt. Onwards I still got worked, clipping trees, losing traction, sticks in gears. When I hit the exit I was relieved, that was a great ride!

Punish the night

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Friday, November 9, 2012

More of a good thing

Only got an hour on tuesday but it was one mighty fine hour! Hit some jumps and loved it, definitely want bigger and moooooooore.


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Monday, November 5, 2012

I got it back!

After some bitter whining in my previous post, I got on a ride some hours later to find myself pleasantly enjoying a mighty fine good ride! I cleared my mind as I put on the music and coasted down into the great trails in an area known as Greyville. There was a event the day before that I painfully missed, but luckily I still reaped the rewards of quite a few leaf blown trails. I have officially decided that leaf blown trails rock the fricken house! I think half the fun of leaf blown trails is just how truly magnificent brown single track looks bordered in leaves. I entered the trails in a different location and continued to link trails I am unsure if i have even set tire to. It was absolutely stellar out today, it was nice and cool 43 degrees, the leafless trees offered a rare view of where all the hills are at Greyville. I rode some leafy trails but mostly leafless. I ignored the popular stuff and mixed it up hardcore, I can't wait to get back tomorrow and do the same! I finally got over my bike blues. Thank you thank you thank you trail wizards!

Through tge fog

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Post Hurricane

Rode after the storm, turned out to be pretty nice day but was missing that feel good I get when I get out there on a ride. Something has changed since we had Landon, I feel totally fine leaving home and then I start riding and I start to miss being home and my mind just can't focus on riding. I hope to break this cycle this week, since it kind of stinks. Case weathered the storm decently, moved some stuff and rode over some as well and let the SS mash and clear the trail. Turned out we weathered the storm very well, I was in full prepared mode with the house and all stocked up for this nasty weather that came. Turned out we had 48 hours of no electricity which was nothing compared previous weather events. Ran the generator when the weather passed for about 24 hours and then had power back. Relieved that we escaped the storm but very pleased to see how organized and prepared I got for this one. Might ride today, we shall see how it goes.

Lost idiot @ case

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