Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wednesday Night Dude Ride

I was pumped when Derek posted up for a Wednesday night ride vs. Tuesday night ride. I spend tuesday nights with a scout program so I miss all those night rides. The ride was set for Hale, and with fresh legs and lungs I had no idea what to expect. Luckily I have averaged two rides a week the last two weeks so when I got cranking with the heavy hitters it all worked out. It was cold outside but for some reason I felt great in shorts and a t-shirt under my short sleeve jersey, take that fancy clothing technology! I think I made the right decision when I last minute grabbed bike gloves, I have been riding bare fisted for months now, I like it that way, but if someone wants to buy me some new lightweight gloves be my guest! We put in 30 minutes before ending back in the parking lot to pickup a rider that hit some traffic on the way. back into the woods, things picked up quick. Did pretty well on Scoliosis backwards, but the real work came when we crossed the street to the Punisher. I talked with a fellow biker/hunter who stumbled on the trail and was telling me about how intense this tight hilly trail he walked with his rifle was and I got to tell him, yeah I ride that it's no big deal. Punisher covered in leaves and sticks proved to disable me from getting traction everywhere! I have not been crazy about these 2.3 Maxis Ardents, when they wear out I will be trying something else! I was having trouble keeping close to my fellow riders up front and I paid the price on the tight turns. I was riding and all off a sudden out of the right side of my vision I saw a pine with snapped branches sticking out like a bat with nails and I was turning right for it, trying to avoid I washed out my tire whic sent me over sideways and locking my leg into the frame. Ouch went my knee and walked it off for 20 seconds cursing a silly hurt. Onwards I still got worked, clipping trees, losing traction, sticks in gears. When I hit the exit I was relieved, that was a great ride!

Punish the night

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  1. Well come on up one day! or night. I can give a tour. It can be tricky to hit the goods as it is with any new spot, but I have lots of everytrail logs :) if you go solo