Monday, November 5, 2012

Post Hurricane

Rode after the storm, turned out to be pretty nice day but was missing that feel good I get when I get out there on a ride. Something has changed since we had Landon, I feel totally fine leaving home and then I start riding and I start to miss being home and my mind just can't focus on riding. I hope to break this cycle this week, since it kind of stinks. Case weathered the storm decently, moved some stuff and rode over some as well and let the SS mash and clear the trail. Turned out we weathered the storm very well, I was in full prepared mode with the house and all stocked up for this nasty weather that came. Turned out we had 48 hours of no electricity which was nothing compared previous weather events. Ran the generator when the weather passed for about 24 hours and then had power back. Relieved that we escaped the storm but very pleased to see how organized and prepared I got for this one. Might ride today, we shall see how it goes.

Lost idiot @ case

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