Monday, November 5, 2012

I got it back!

After some bitter whining in my previous post, I got on a ride some hours later to find myself pleasantly enjoying a mighty fine good ride! I cleared my mind as I put on the music and coasted down into the great trails in an area known as Greyville. There was a event the day before that I painfully missed, but luckily I still reaped the rewards of quite a few leaf blown trails. I have officially decided that leaf blown trails rock the fricken house! I think half the fun of leaf blown trails is just how truly magnificent brown single track looks bordered in leaves. I entered the trails in a different location and continued to link trails I am unsure if i have even set tire to. It was absolutely stellar out today, it was nice and cool 43 degrees, the leafless trees offered a rare view of where all the hills are at Greyville. I rode some leafy trails but mostly leafless. I ignored the popular stuff and mixed it up hardcore, I can't wait to get back tomorrow and do the same! I finally got over my bike blues. Thank you thank you thank you trail wizards!

Through tge fog

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