Monday, November 19, 2012

Mighty Fine One

Life is good, my little son has been making as work hard as you can imagine but he is a very happy baby. My wife has bounced back from the huge job that it took to make the little man and is one heck of a good mom. I got a ride last thursday which was a mere 1 ride but I was obviously happy to be riding at all. When today rolled around I had riding in the back of my mind and when I pitched the idea to LuAnn, she was fine with it. So I obviously got the car loaded up and grabbed the dog and off I went with no worries until dark. I was headed past the homestead down the road and saw some guys either finishing or starting a ride at Hale and I thought in my head, do I know them, maybe we could ride in a pack and avoid hunter activities. Just then I decided no, it's the Hunter's short time in the woods and I know I am not going to risk Bentley or mine lives so I carried on. Not 10 seconds later I hear a gunshot right close to the road on my favorite Al's trail. That incident assured that I made the right decision. We hit the Pond lot and did what we do, legs and lungs feeling great. The woods felt pretty creepy, not often does that happen but this time of year I always feel watched, good thing I got my vicious designer golden doodle dog to get my back if things get crazy. It was really good to have his company, I love my dog, he just so happens to be an exceptional trail dog too. Rigid and Single speed felt great as usual, ended up climbing up to Tinti, had a mighty good time descending it at usual too. The mind was thankfully clear, I think I am through the fog of anxiety of the new one. Bentley started slowing down after the first hour, we don't ride as much as we used to. By the time we found the summit overlook I spotted a swarm of kids, must have been some school activity or something, good 30 plus kids. In true dog fashion Bentley circles through the group getting pats and love from most, but striking terror in a few kids as well, pretty funny to see people that thought he was a big animal coming to take their life. I felt pretty bad I did not put him on the leash, but after 30 seconds into that incident he found me and we were back on trail. I took it super slow cause doggy was jogging and I was just taking it easy and enjoying it. Really great ride, love staring mondays off on the right foot. Will be interesting what rides the week will bring, could be only one who knows! Til then, I be hoping

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