Monday, October 29, 2012

Post baby ride

Got out on Thursday night at 5:30 to pedal with a group that rides Hale every week. Me and Pat were on a 30 minute pre ride and it felt mighty good to be out on the bike. When it came to be 6:00 I was ready to go for my first night ride. I had Bentley chasing at my side as we entered the leaf filled maze. When I was not close enough to the person behind me or when I was in back, I could get sent off trail in a second at any time. I could not help but think about my little son at home and was actually getting homesick. I left the group since they were running late and I got fulfilled with what I rode so far, so I got my two hours and headed home. The next few days I could or rode but really didn't feel like it, partially cause weather sucks and had alot to do to prepare for weather coming. Bring it on Sandy!

Post baby ride wee haw

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