Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mix N it up

Some seriously great stuff here, I am truly humble as I work from home now and get out on these rides in daylight. I love night rides and miss them but there seems to only be one organized night ride in my area and it somehow never works out with them only being on a Thursday night. So I was off in the car with Bentley for none other than hunter free Case. By now I am looking for ways to change things over there since I am becoming such a frequent visitor. I have been so many time and know every trail but still need to do some thinking to figure how they link together. I had once again designed a magnificent loop that I am sure most the people that ride there have never done. The leaves are down, I somehow missed fall, the trees are not completely naked but fall is certainly more than half over. I cranked for 90 minutes hoping to not recieve a phone call while out in the woods, "my water broke". Every ride now makes me quite nervous with the chance of the little guy getting evicted at any moment. So I stay a little closer to the car and have my phone on extra loud. Also I have an escape plan route in my head as well and I guess this gives me a little edge on my ride with the fright of that phone call. LuAnn is doing so great, she is one tough cookie and I feel terrible for her as she is getting contractions and very uncomfortable, but she is still so happy to become a mother. Today is another beautiful day and I will ride Hale during the day today to stay close and maybe a night ride tonight with the fellers we shall see. Another amazing day that I will take full advantage of. Check our blog out, took some pictures yesterday

Mix n match at case

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  1. I notice you ride with flats. Been thinking of going back to them and wanted to know what kind of shoe do you wear?

  2. A good skate shoe with a solid sole is all it takes for me as long as pins are sharp. Wife got me a great expensive pair of 510 shoes impact that are on sale now on real cyclist just days ago I believe, they are really great, grip for years. Find a skate shoe and pole the sole to test it's durability.