Friday, October 5, 2012

A quickie

Despite all the rain the day and night before I headed out in desperation on the SS to see what trails looked like. I was happy to find them wet but nowhere near soft or muddy. I was really stoked to be out since Mondays ride failure, so you can imagine how I felt riding despite extremely slippery conditions. The trail was absolutely covered in leaves it was very difficult to make out the trail but fortunately I know it so well. Every rock and root was about as slippery as those mossy rocks in streams. they offered no mercy and I was at the mercy of wherever my front tire pointed. I had an hour and an approaching rain storm so this ride could lead me pedaling home in no time. It felt great to be riding, it was gray and dreadful out but I was in great spirits enjoying the fall scenery. I really love biking this time of year, usually mostly for the temperatures, but the falls colors were amazing. I will be heading into the woods today to ride and got a good two hours and cannot fricken wait! Ride ON!!!!!!!!

Falls goods

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