Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Down And Out

Sadly my bike tires are not seeing much action, due to weather, obligations and daylight...... With one ride last week I was antsy to get out on a ride this week and I had one locked and loaded for Monday night. I was meeting with a fellow Bikeragger to ride Trumbull. I love that place, some really challenging terrain in there for sure. Well 10 minutes into the ride and pop goes my chain. Broke the power link or whatever that thing is called on a shimano chain. I don't carry them or are familiar with them so like any other time I took a link out and got back to business only to snap again. Not knowing I could only use power links on this type of chain did not cross my mind. I proceeded to limp on steep climbs in fear of the same outcome and managed to finally do some riding until snap again. Another repair and we are off only to have my riding bro snap his chain. Ok now this is chain two time and now his chain that is just unheard of in one ride. He repairs and off we go again and ride some fun stuff and then pop goes my chain again. By now I am pretty bummed out this poor guy is still insisting he rides with me and my bike but i repair again only to have it pop one more time. By then we headed back and I ran every inlcine in hopes to not snap again and surely I made it back. The dawg is going on vacation for a bit until it gets a new chain, cassette and chain rings. That was by far the lamest ride but in the end I was out there riding if only a little it was still good. We did merely 4 miles in two hours, this will never happen again! Please get me a good ride, looking like Friday will be the day, more rain tomorrow.

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