Friday, October 12, 2012

Over at the Gay

Found some time to ride during the work day yesterday. The weather was outstanding and I enjoyed it fully. I was ambitious to ride as usual having not ridden since Saturday, so it was great to pedal out of the parking lot as my dog went into a full sprint in pure joy. I don't think I have ever seen him just let loose and run full speed for no reason, it was great. After a short bit of paved we spent a mile on some wide rocky double track. Fall appears to be about in full swing, the woods were definitely had that really cool appearance. We ran into some senior ladies that adored Bentley and as I continued 50 feet around the corner he just so busy saying hello, he forogt which direction I went. I watched from a distance as he was in panic, as he ran in both directions back and forth multiple times until he took off too far in the other direction so I headed his way and sure enough we met each other. What a silly dog, it made me smile and happy to see how I am his one and only person. Soon onto the Ribbon trail, always a good time, I like how there are no bail options through the trail, once your on this trail, you got to go start top finish for the next few miles. Once at the top. it was pretty much fire roads back to the car. A very simple short ride fixed my addiction for the day, while I wanted more I had commitments later on that day.

At the Gay

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