Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hotober @ Case

yessssss I got out on a good one. Wow the temperature was 75 degrees when I started, it feels good for October but bring on the cold! I finally caved in and starting using the new Kali helmet I bought months ago. My most recent helmet, the third to date, has been retired due to stinky dome syndrome. This new helmet it seriously great, I am so happy with it I decided to continue buying this helmet after using fox, giro, Louis garneu etc.... I was looking forward to not sweating in this new one anytime soon but that does not look good. So I started up the carriage path and feeling good with Bentley at my side trotting along peacefully we hit blue and got to business. SS Rigid was the weapon choice and would not have it any other way. As we neared the reservoir Bentley begged to go in so I threw a stick and watched my hopeless dog swim like he never had before. He for some reason gets the idea that there is always land underneath the water he can reach and he nearly drowns himself sometimes. When we are at the lake he has none of these issues but for some reason he acts a fool here and there. Another Labradoodle showed up and schooled him and embarrassed the crap out of me as my dog was out retrieving and got stuck on the way in trying to touch bottom and wimpering like a baby. I love him dearly but come on man get it together. I Got back to the car in good spirits and went on about the rest of my day. Ragged tomorrow can't wait!

Hotober at case

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