Friday, June 23, 2017

Corner Canyon Crank

Well the time came again, so fortunate that grandma loves her grandchild let me tell you, I headed out for yet another ride :) This time I decided to knock out a Corner Canyon ride. A storm rolled by and caused some chaos on the roadway so I was left trying to figure out what I should do. I stuck to the plan and went over sun crest on a long but nice drive to avoid the freeway. So I got started at the regular old trailhead I use to when I lived just 5 minutes from there.....sighhh. Seems like they're done screwing around with the trails, but left us with a sucky road for a climb vs the old trail. Little bummed but that would do just fine, went up Ann's looking for relief on my legs that I knew would come once I got on it. I must say my body is holding up pretty good, it's the Park City climbing that puts the beat down on. But with legs spinning I rolled on up to Rush for a casual ride down it, just as fun as ever, then up Canyon Hollow and knowingly shocked at how quiet the trails were. I guess theres a heat wave here too but 98F is nothing to me so maybe it scared the others. It was slow going but reaching the top again I knew I was done climbing for the day, planned on more but also got more rides ahead of me. Ripped it on down Ghost falls, still my favorite in Corner Canyon. Easy ride to the car and was pleased to have it over with in a way.

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