Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Thursday Night Delight

With such good results from Wednesdays ride, I slapped my old Bontrager Mustang wheel on after replacing the tire and loading it with stans, swapped the rotor and was ready for round two. I sent Stans a message wednesday night after the incident and by Thursday morning I was greeted by customer service ready to send me a new wheel! I will say they're customer service has taken very good care of me with my minor issues and this was going to be smooth. They got a Arch Mk3 wheel on the way, the Flow MK3 was too much width for my frame so the Arch should be butter even a mm wider than my 2016 Flows non mk3. Wandered into the night Thursday and got a good start to a beautiful evening, I mixed two loops and got good miles for another one under the lights!

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