Friday, June 23, 2017

Payson Canyon Surprise

So I was kind of in a dilemma, I wanted to scope out the new trails in Payson Canyon, but I also thought about how incredible it could be if I rode Diamond Fork and dipped in the wonderful hot springs. In the end Payson won since the thought of sharing a space with people and crowds on the trail didn't appeal to me. So off I went into the unknown, not knowing what to expect. The ride started off on a nice warm up mile along a canal trail, then the fun began. Very very fun and flowy somewhat easy trails. The setting was absolutely gorgeous and I was very surprised how good of job the trail builder did out there. Very thankful for the hard work and love these modern trails, lots of flow and fun! I will be back! Also it was pretty easy on me and I need that with 1 or 2 more rides til we head out on the family vacation

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