Thursday, June 22, 2023

Brothers in the Rockhouse

So I am down to my last day, it has been a very very nice 4 days in the constitution state. This would be my last ride before my flight that evening. I was razy tired from lack of sleep but I was running on plenty to get a morning of riding. It was a very early start as usual, my brother was expected to meet me around 8am. I ran around the trails getting the hang of it all the more, explored a trail and ended up at the river, made for a really nice downhill and a nice climb on the way back, CT is beautiful, there is no denying that, I really reallyl want to move back! Some more trails and met with my brother adn headed for the other side for a brotherly ride. He was in pretty good shape and we rode a nice pace and loops for what I wish was longer. I had to say goodbye, which really sucks when I live so far away, the last 15 years have been spent away, just been the way it is. Back to the desert, missed my wife and child but that was literally it.

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