Thursday, June 22, 2023


The next morning I was much closer to the house, this gave me plenty time to ride and learn more of the rockhouse network. Rockhouse is a smallish place with plenty to ride, some MTB purpose built, some not. I have ridden there 2 times before but now I had enough time to sort the entire plcae out this morning. After an overnight sprinkle, the soil was damp and grib massive, pure CT loam. After finally getting into new to me stuff, those few pops I felt in the driveline apparently was the chain telling me it had enough and it snapped. I stupidly did not replace my lost chain tool before coming to CT so I was stuck. I turned the bike into a kick bike and rode and kicked the last few miles out of there, luckily I had 90 minutes in before the snap so I left fulfilled.

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