Thursday, June 22, 2023

A Hale of an emotional ride!

This was the most emotional ride I have ever had! I decided despite the 75 minute ride to Hale I have been wanting to visit there a very long time. It has been 9 years since we lived next to Nathan Hale forest. A place I would ride almost daily since it was right across the street. This was a great time in my life, trails next door, cozy cottae, birth of our son. As I entered the woods it was overwhelming memories and also trying to remember the trail network. I got it mostly sorted on the original loop, the morning was gray and woods dank, it was absolutely breathtaking. Rode some new trails and mostly old ones, I think. I crossed the street for the loop and found overgrown narrow trails awaiting me, so much so I remembered extremely little of it! The wild rasberries are still there I cn confirm. I had a little time to spare and had the idea instead of riding more Hale I would sneak in Case while I was in the neighborhood. Oh what a dream!

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