Monday, June 19, 2023

Pine Time!

Oh my goodness does it feel good to get out of the desert! We visited the tonto bridge when we got in town and got settled in, The ride came the next morning. I had the idea of riding a loop around the town, had no idea what to expect but got an early start at 5am. Turns out the rest of the house did too since my dog is a wreck when we aren't home. Not knowing that I was happily chugging along starting off on the pine-straberry trail right from the house! I guess I started the trail in a different spot, meant less gravel road but more walking as my singlespeed took me to my feet more than I care to admit. The trail eventually mellowed and opened up to incredble green and woods. The trail was singletrack, rough on and off but very very nice! Took a bit longer than expected to get to the next section, also some wrong navigation, I was on bear paw which was again rough in spots and so so good in the rest. Towards the end I entered quite the green scene as I crossed the pine canyon river. I was temptef to bail since I was pressing ym time, plus I was pretty tired after 2 hours of these trails. But the no trespassing signs kept me on the trail and had lots of climbing ahead of me, I was glad I kept at it cuase it paid off in tight twisty beautiful trail. Then a long descent was the final stretch, it was wide and torn up from animals and muds but downhill was a treat at this point. Then pavement to the crib were I found some tired vacationers in the house. Off to the lake!

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