Friday, August 26, 2016

Chug A Lug

The house has been a little chaotic lately, me and the boy are with each other many many hours a day, and lately it's been a struggle for me really. I had an especially large amount of pent up energy I needed to get out and after the storms cleared out I was able to wiggle 90 minutes of ride into the night. I was at Usery again for a number of reasons, but anywhere would do. I had a bit of light and quite the backdrop as the sun went down fast.The light went on and I had it in it's lowest setting, when I turned it up when it got completely dark I bumped it up to it's full setting of a claimed 2500 lumen. It lit up the night! extra critter hunting light was welcomed. Luckily no snakes were found, but plenty of huge spiders.

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