Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hangover Trail, Sedonas most challenging trail

So we were off for the 2nd ride, we had Sedonas hardest trail Hangover. I researched it's bits and was pretty excited to sample it. With 13 miles under my legs I must say they felt not very impressive, but we were chugging up the Schnebly road at a good clip. Chris covering distance ahead of me but I refused to push, this was about enjoyment. It was not long before those 3 miles were on a trail called cow pies. It transitioned from baby heads to wide open rock. I noticed as much as Sedona looks like moans sandpaper slick rock, it's not. Moments from the first ride quickly let me know when I would loose traction from time to time. The chug up to the saddle was rough, a seriously punchy raw climb, but with absolutely stunning views. By the time we reached the top I was ready to speed down. So we dropped in and found very little speed to be had, with little elevation change and tiny climbs up and down. The trial was absolutely narrow at times, offering views down the steep cliffside, it had a feeling like no other trail has given, absolutely hugging the mountainside. It went on for a bit and then we wrapped around the mountain and went down a series of steep steep rock. The steepest I have rolled down, The YT Capra was absolute beast, i never felt over or under bikes it chugged right down every line. From there it was a good roll down a few mellow switchbacks and a ride down Munds Wagon. I was pretty happy to be coming away with a clean ride on a rough popular trail. It turned out I had planned for Hi Line that day but Chris was spent and I was ok with that since there will be a few more trips up to Sedona in the years to come :)

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