Sunday, February 13, 2022

Riding bikes while thinking about bikes

Yea so I took a leap of faith and ordered a specialized fuse last week. Shortly after ordering I realize all the things I needed to do to it to get it how I wanted it and did not like my decision. Our current financial situation is ok but definitely not good. The dropper would be removed, could sell it, the wheels are not singlespeed capable, could sell it, the fork, I would not be using, could sell it. The trash sram brakes.... I would do much better with a frame and some really nice wheels than spending 2,500 on a bike that I have to modify. It's partly my fault, I don't need most the things people want like suspension or droppers. So I canceled my order after buyers remorse and am hunting down a frame only used or keep trying to find a new one. None of the manufacturers on my list are able to sell any currently. So the ride was great despite the distraction of needing to call the bike shop to ty to cancel my deposit. I still really wanted that bike and have for like 3 years...... Oh well. That is how I ended up with my salsa which was a very very good decision!

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