Monday, April 8, 2019

Terrarium Monday at Browns

The traffic pattern finally worked in my favor on Monday morning and I was pleased as I headed out to Browns to check out some of their new trails. Having not been out there in a while I was ready for a change in scenery. Got pedaling into a headwind that I would be dealing with 80% of the ride but with lush grown in narrow trail and flowers to boot I was happily pedaling into browns and on the new good stuff. The new stuff is as flowy and fun as most of Browns thrown in with some rocks to play on. It was not long in before my first reptile, A Gila Monster! I got right up close to him for a wonderful picture and then off I went into a maze of new and old unmarked trails, I got confused mostly so just kept taking random trails until I felt like heading into the known stuff. Did I say Headwind! wow it felt terrible as I climbed against it but slow moving it was steady moving. I came across a rattle snake, I rode right by it as it didn't flinch at me. I hopped off for a picture and it still had no problem with me, definitely one of the better encounters for me. Onwards now snake weary but on wide trails where I can see them more easily. A mile down the trail another snake! This one being a gopher but much more pissed off at me getting in close for a pitcure, I saw him flatten his belly and raise himself as a warning and with a picture done we went on our ways. Further into the park and looking forward to the return with the wind at my back, it was smooth sailing and some choices had me ripping down Hawksnest a classic flowy trail that heads towards the car. The plan was axle grease and I made my way there on a awsome mellow ride back to the car. Oh yeah, picked some wildflowers last week and right before the car I grabbed a bunch to bring home and replace the ones from last week :)

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